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GoldFynch Certification

Goldfynch is a cloud-based eDiscovery review platform based out of Iowa, United States Easy to use and clear public pricing makes GoldFynch as great platform to get started in the world of eDiscovery!. DiscoveryMaster

GoldFynch 101

This free course wil teach you how to use GoldFynch platform. You can also get GoldFynch-certified (optional) by taking a quick test for a small, upfront fee.

The course includes:

  • Setting up your GolFynch case
  • Searching and reviewing your files
  • Produce your files
  • Additional services
More Information

Certificate Overview

  • Pricing

    Currently Free!

  • Exam Setup

    A free course and a 20 multiple-choice questions test.

  • Exam Duration

    15 minutes

  • Online or Testing Center?


  • Recommended Prerequisites

    It's recommended to complete the free course before attempting the test

  • Retake Policy

    Retakes are free

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