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Venio Systems Certification

Venio Systems offers End-to-End eDiscovery Software That’s Easy, Accurate, and Fast. Who better to innovate and improve a process than the experts who have lived the day-to-day reality of eDiscovery software? Venio Systems goes beyond redefining eDiscovery software by making a unified solution that is easy to use, focused on constant evolution and innovation, providing excellent service, and being true partners.

Venio-Certified Administrator

enio-certified administrators demonstrate knowledge, skill, and proficiency in all phases of Venio Systems' eDiscovery stable of products. Administrators must go through three days of intensive training that is designed to immerse them in the entire eDiscovery workflow, from loading data and exception handling to ECA, review, and production.

More Information

Certificate Overview

  • Course Duration

    3 days of intensive training

  • Mandatory Prerequisites

    A minimum of three months of experience using the VenioOne Desktop Console and VenioOne Web solution. You also need one year or more of on-the-job eDiscovery experience and to have participated in at least one VenioOne Certified Administrator workshop.

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