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Certificates are a popular means of improving your resume in the world of e-Discovery. When looking on LinkedIn, you will notice that many eDiscovery professionals certify in at least one specialty. Whether it's a vendor-agnostic course like ACED's eDiscovery specialist, or the challenging Relativity Certified Administrator, you will certainly enjoy the advantages of getting certified!

We've scoured the web for every single certificate which is currently available in eDiscovery and have created an overview with what we consider the most essential aspects of every certificate exam or course:

You will notice that it's quite hard to compare the certificates with one another. For example, some certificates might require a 3-day course, while others will allow you to take the exam without any mandatory prerequisites. The pricing is also wildly different, ranging from tens to thousands of dollars.

The purpose of this page is, therefore, not to compare certificates one-on-one but for you to get a full overview of what's out there for the eDiscovery tools that you use on a daily basis, and your amount of experience in the industry.

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Independent eDiscovery certification programs

Vendor eDiscovery certification programs


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Honorable Mentions!

These didn’t make it on the list but still deserve a shout-out:

Ralph Losey's E-Discovery team training

You will not receive a certificate for this training but that doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile to follow Ralph Losey’s training curriculum. Nowhere else will you find a wealth of eDiscovery knowledge like this with 85 law school proven classes. The training will take you over seventy-five hours to complete. good luck!


Cellebrite, Oxygen Forensic, and MSAB certification

There’s a big chance that you encounter mobile forensics at some point during your eDiscovery journey so it might be worth considering to get certified with one of the industry leaders:

Cellebrite currently offers 4 certification tracks:

More information on: cellebritelearningcenter.com

Oxygen has 2 certificates:

More information on: oxygen-forensic.com

MSAB, known for XRY currently has three certification tracks:

More information on: msab.com


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