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There's a big chance that you have run into AccessData's famous FTK images if you're an eDiscovery professional! AccessData is not only a leader in digital forensics but also offers the eDiscovery platform 'AD eDiscovery', an End-to-end e-discovery platform supporting preservation through production. AccessData has a wide range of certificates for all of it's products, one of which is aimed at the eDiscovery platform:

AccessData EDiscovery Certified Administrator (EDCA)

The AccessData eDiscovery Certified Administrator exam is specifically focused on the IT professional responsible for administering AD eDiscovery. The certification focuses on defensible data collection, practices in an e-discovery investigation, and how the use of AD eDiscovery can ensure electronic evidence can be self-authenticated to comply with Federal Rules of Evidence 902 and 902.

The EDCA exam is one of the most affordable exams in this overview, you can get certified for only $100.

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